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Vingroup announced a pioneering solution to optimize hidden cameras under the phone screen

Over the weekend, in the framework of the online event "AI Day 2020 - Reaching for Challenges", VinAI Research Institute (under Vingroup) announced two AI technologies including VCam Kristal ( AI photography for the camera hidden under the screen) and VSound Alto (noise filtering technology).

VCam Kristal is a world-leading AI photography technology successfully developed by VinAI Research, allowing high-quality photography with camera under display (CUD). By incorporating AI algorithms and models in computer vision, computational photography, and special neural network architecture, VCam Kristal bypasses the optical barriers of cameras hidden under the screen. The technology helps to eliminate blur, missing, noise and flare, color fidelity ... to create sharp selfies with 4K resolution.

To apply VCam Kristal, VinAI has cooperated with VinSmart Research and Production Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, VinSmart becomes one of the first companies in the world to own a smartphone using a camera hidden under the screen. VCam Kristal marks an important step forward in AI camera technology on mobile phones, opening the door to commercialize high-quality hidden camera phones, realizing a seamless screen experience.

VSound Alto is a noise filtering technology based on deep learning model (Deep Learning) in processing speech and sound. VSound Alto works similarly to human ears, can accurately capture and maintain voice quality, while suppressing noise with outstanding efficiency. Compared to traditional noise filtering methods, the technology filters out both fixed and sudden noises (such as the siren of a vehicle, the sound of children playing or the sound of a keyboard), and at the same time saves hardware energy consumption.

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VSound Alto technology will be applied on mobile phones, eliminating noise when users make calls. Technology improves voice quality, making conversations clearer and more seamless. In the near future, Vsound Alto will be applied to eliminate noise pollution for remote conferencing systems, microphones, smart headphones, hearing aids, noise filtering systems in cars ...

Dr. Bui Hai Hung (Director of VinAI Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence - Vingroup Group) said: “We are delighted to introduce VCam Kristal and VSound Alto to technology lovers in general and technology. AI in particular. These technologies, along with their specific applications, are bringing AI closer to life than ever before. VinAI will continue its efforts to research and develop breakthrough technologies to create products with high application value. At the same time, we will try to support businesses to increase business productivity and efficiency with international-class technologies developed with Vietnamese intelligence ”.

Previously, VinAI Research introduced VFace technology - accurately identify when using masks. In particular, the identification system developed by VinAI simply uses information from a normal camera, without the need for additional sensors (such as infrared or depth sensor). This is an important factor to help save product costs, easy integration into existing camera systems.

After 18 months of establishment and development, VinAI has proven its leading role in promoting the development of Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam. In addition to international-class researches published at the world's No. 1 conferences on Artificial Intelligence such as ICML, NeurIPS, VinAI also cooperates with leading research institutes and technology universities. the world to create networks to exchange, research and come up with Artificial Intelligence solutions to the world poses.

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