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The generation of iPhone 12 will continue to be the golden hen for Apple, the revenue is sometimes even greater thanks to the sale of other accessories

iPhone 12
Super beautiful white iPhone 12. Source: Apple

By 2019, Apple has sold more than 69.4 million iPhone Xr and more than 37.3 million iPhone 11 to the global market, the numbers know. iPhone 12 is expected to be a perfect successor to what the other two smartphones have ever done with comprehensive improvements.

With the pricing strategy I mentioned in the previous article, the iPhone 12 will most likely help Apple enter the next super profit cycle. Why? Here are the reasons!

iPhone 12 is the perfect upgrade for 2 predecessors

Let's first go through what the iPhone 12 did to overcome the shadow of its two predecessors. 

The biggest problem on the iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 lies in the stingy of screen quality from Apple. At $ 699 (about 16.2 million), but users only have one IPS LCD screen (Liquid Retina standard set by Apple by Apple itself) and HD + resolution. 

Upgrades on iPhone 12
Upgrades on iPhone 12. Source: Apple

With the iPhone 12, Apple has quickly resolved, a new OLED screen, the resolution of Full HD +, the pixel density of over 400 ppi, and other powerful parameters. Just that much makes the iPhone 12 different from its two predecessors.

In addition, both the iPhone 12 and the 12 Mini have been integrated with the latest 5G network technology, currently the fastest. Accompanied by a flat beveled design reminiscent of an old time. 

If you put it next to the iPhone Xr or iPhone 11, then surely the new iPhone 12 has enough difference to make us upgrade. A lot of iPhone users who stay with old design iPhones just wait for the day to go straight to an iPhone with a 5G network.

Price difference 100 USD and accessories "buy with"

The actual price on the iPhone 12 is $ 799 (about 16.2 million), an increase of $ 100 (about 2.3 million) compared to the potential, indicating that Apple may be successful in the big fishing long-line comb. The 2-year period sets the stage for a well-priced iPhone, and now is the time to reap the rewards. 

Price list of new iPhones
Price list of new iPhones. Source: Apple

The launch of the Mini version of the iPhone 12 is a step to thicken, when the iPhone SE 2020 model has done too well in the market exploration task. Apple knows that there are still potential customers out there who like compact iPhone models, but still bring modern features such as edge-to-edge screens, Face ID, ...

Moreover, the act of protecting the green environment by removing accessories also makes Apple have a new source of revenue in the supply of accessories, if the user needs it. 

Making a simple analogy, if you take the iPhone 11 as a standard, to get the iPhone 12 upgrade you need to spend 100 USD (about 2.3 million), and at least 20 USD (about 460 thousand) for accessories. . Apple always knows how to make money, right?

That is for the international market, but in Vietnam, why?

5 new colors on iPhone 12
5 new colors on iPhone 12. Source: Apple

In our country, which has a tradition of buying, choose the most expensive and biggest one. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max model sells a lot better with the cheaper iPhone 11. 

However, with the new improvements, the gap between the iPhone Pro version and the standard has shortened. Maybe the iPhone 12 will make things happen in our country. When the iPhone 11's most critical points have all disappeared on the new iPhone 12.

The expected price of all 4 iPhone 12 in our country has been revealed, you can see more in this article . 

In your opinion, will the iPhone 12 be the next iPhone model to bring super profits for Apple? Leave your comments below!

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