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Synology SA3200D - Smart and secure storage devices for businesses

If you are a business owner, surveillance NVR user or user with high storage needs, Synology's SA3200D Rackstation NAS is definitely a useful device.

Synology-Brand has spent nearly 20 years manufacturing network-attached storage devices, including the famous Diskstation Manager software with their first Rackmount NAS server in 2006 (RS-406). And SA3200D is also one of the most appreciated devices of users, so what features does SA3200D have?

Did you use Synology NAS the right way?
What features does Synology SA3600 stand out?
Camera surveillance solutions.
What benefits does Synology SA3200D bring to businesses?

Synology SA3200D Rackstation NAS dual controller architecture, designed with a major disaster prevention purpose. We already have multiple protection and redundant systems from Synology on many RackStation and DiskStation devices.

RAID protection to prevent data loss from 1 or more drives in a faulty hardware array
Backup power supplier (2 PSU) means you could get damaged / Disconnect your power supply to the PSU.
Continuously connected power providers via USB allow your Synology NAS to safely shut down during a power outage
Backup Peripheral, Remote or Cloud and NAS-2-NAS to keep synchronized copies of your data off the web


Synology SA3200D allows you to synchronize two identical NAS servers so that one can act as secure network, in case of fatal failure.

Synology SA3200D NAS will do everything you need. Almost every modern internet / network storage application in the world today is included in the SA3200D. This device supports to some extent (mostly very high), with extremely high IOPS support, high internal / external speed, and hardware architecture.

Along with the entire portfolio of enterprise applications that Synology has produced (specifically focused from device to Virtual Machine, Active Backup and Backup), this device is suitable for storage-grade storage. enterprise.

What types of connectors does Synology SA3200D have?

The LAN / Ethernet port on the back of the device allows you to send, receive and manipulate files over the internet. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Through the connectivity of these devices such as IP cameras, mobile apps and other system tools, you can use multi-purpose applications for home, small business and business use.

USB 3.0 - The newer and faster development of Universal serial Bus, USB 3.0 can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gb per second. Now that the feature is popular, you can transfer data between devices like external hard drives and flash storage keys.

Combining Synology IP SAN SA3200D and 12 Western Digital WD hard disks will provide you with a long lasting network attached storage solution. From simple media file access, Apple Time Machine to complex monitoring and synchronization, and use of VMware and ISCSI.

You can install applications such as: JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10 on Synology IP SAN SA3200D. We offer a completely free, and highly recommended SpanStor construction service for your Synology 12-bay enclosure.

We make sure your Synology box and Western Digital WD drive are working flawlessly before we ship it out at no extra cost.

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