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Supermicro launches new X12 generation multi-socket server: outstanding performance for large workloads

SAN JOSE, California, June 18, 2020 - SuperMicro Computer, one of the leading server hardware vendors, at the forefront of enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, launched New high-performance X12 SuperServer with 4 sockets, optimized for new 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codenamed Cooper Lake) and Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series (codename Barlow Pass ), both of which were officially launched by Intel recently. The evolution in applications and use-cases requiring real-time analysis and big data processing has made Supermicro's 4 Socket servers one of the fastest growing product lines in recent time and meet all the different usage needs of businesses.

As Supermicro's first X12 generation system, this new 4-socket server becomes SuperServer's most powerful enterprise-class platform featuring the new and most powerful Intel Xeon Scalable processor, Intel Optane DC persistent memory, and built in. Based on Root-of-Trust platform from hardware level to enhance the highest security of customer's server system.

Charles Liang, CEO and President of Supermicro said: This new SuperServer provides a powerful and reliable platform for your most important and secure workloads in enterprise, cloud-scale or hybrid environments. .

This new Supermicro 2U SYS-240P-TNRT 4 Socket Server is the latest generation of Supermicro-tested enterprise server platform that can power some of the most demanding workloads like SAP HANA , Oracle Enterprise Application & Database, in-memory computing and recent AI applications for businesses and technology giants around the world. The platform features the latest Intel CPU and storage technologies: up to 112 Xeon cores in 4 socket CPUs and up to 18TB of system memory, when combined with Intel Optane DC memory. CPU connections have been doubled from 3 UPI lanes to 6 UPI lanes for greatly improved system latency and throughput. Finally, this latest Intel Xeon Scalable platform supports adding bfloat16 digital format to Intel Deep Learning Boost, optimizing performance for AI model deployment.

Other features supported by this new host:

Up to 24 NVMe drives connected via direct symmetric PCI-E lanes with four CPUs for faster storage access
Supports 100Gb / s network connection with advanced IO Module Form factor that complies with OCP3.0
Advanced security features like new silicon-based Root-of-Trust (RoT) implementation, delivering signed and encrypted software for a true, immutable chain of trust
Supermicro X12 SuperServer platforms are ready to take on the biggest challenges in AI, analytics, and critical applications, leading the way in integrated AI acceleration and suite performance and capacity benefits. remember Intel Optane continuity.

In addition to the latest Intel technologies, this new four-socket SuperServer supports up to ten PCI-E expansion slots capable of matching two Double-Width GPUs or six Single-Width GPU cards, working on the fly. PCIE 4.0 technology with bandwidth speeds up to 64GB / s, providing very good performance for today's AI deployment systems. Ensuring efficiency and performance for this new generation Data Center platform, we have two supplies with up to 2000W power, hot swappable and Redundant mode, both guaranteed performance for other important components but also ensure convenience in warranty, equipment maintenance, optimal server management system for businesses, Data Center ...

In addition to the new X12 platform SYS-240P-TNRT, Supermicro also has other Multiple Socket options such as SYS-2049U-TR4 (2U 4 Socket); SYS-8049U-E1CR4T (4U 4 Socket, up to 24 HDD 3.5 ″); SYS-7089P-TR4T (7U 8 Socket)…, offers more options and is suitable for different purposes: Virtualization; Scientific Research; In-Memory Computing; Financial or other Mission Critical ... with very good performance and reasonable investment costs.

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