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Summary of leaks Apple iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020): Will launch 4 iPhone 12 models in October next? Revealed hardware configuration table and selling price from 16 million

Contrary to the prediction iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) did not appear during the evening event of September 15. It is possible that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 next October in a special event. iPhone 12 is a very popular smartphone model after the not long ago launch of the iPhone SE (2nd generation). There has been a lot of information leaked about the design, configuration, price and accessories. Immediately below is a summary of leaked information from Apple iPhone 12.

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Leaked hardware configuration sheet on iPhone 12-Series

Configuration parameters sheet iPhone 12 series leaked.

Accordingly, a panel of hardware configuration information spread on social networks has implicitly confirmed that the iPhone 12-Series will have up to 4 devices with different hardware configurations. Even the selling price also appears.

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Expected selling price of iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) will start from 16 million to 32 million

The image is said to be the camera cluster on the iPhone 12 with many new upgrades. Source: Internet

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone series in September or October. And now is the most important information, regarding the price of the new iPhone generation. iPhone 12 with the lowest internal storage of 128 GB will be priced from 699 USD (about 16.1 million VND). While the most expensive version is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it costs $ 1,399.

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iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) joins the battle with 120 Hz screens, no longer using LCD screens

Despite some information about the iPhone 12 will not use a 120 Hz screen, according to the latest leak from phonearena shows, Apple continues to experiment with bringing 120 Hz screens to its products, specifically. is iPhone 12 Pro Max

Picture of 120 Hz screen setting of iPhone Pro Max. Source: Phonearena.
This year's iPhone models are expected to have 3 screen size options, the smallest screen size option is predicted to be 5.4 inches (smaller than the 5.8-inch figure found on the iPhone 11 Pro), in When the iPhone 12 Pro Max model will be up to 6.7 inches in size (iPhone 11 Pro Max has a screen size of 6.5 inches), this year there will be two iPhone models sharing the same screen size of 6.1 inches and one of the two will be named iPhone 12.

This year, Apple may introduce four iPhone 12 models with 3 screen size options. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
This year's iPhone line will still be divided into two high-priced (Pro series) and lower-priced (normal) segments, but all this year's devices are expected to have OLED panels, with Apple is phasing out LCD screens on its devices.

In addition, many sources speculate that this year's iPhone models will be equipped with displays that support 120 Hz refresh rates like current flagship models such as Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra or OPPO Find X2. .

The overall design of the iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) is very similar to the iPhone 4, with support for USB-C
The iPhone 12 series is expected to have 4 versions with 3 different screen sizes: 1 5.4-inch model, 2 6.1-inch models and 1 6.7-inch model. The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and a 6.1-inch model will be the regular version, while the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 will be the high-end Pro versions.

iPhone 12 dummy. Photo: 9to5mac
Note: What is iPhone dummy? Simply put, iPhone dummy is a term used to refer to a non-working model, often made for the design of third-party companies in advance to process accessories such as protective cases.

In the design concept from North's Globe Concepts, the iPhone 12 Max will have a design similar to the iPad Pro, the edges will be flatter instead of the current 2.5D curved screen, the rear camera cluster is not too different. .

Design concept from North's Globe Concepts - Shows a beautiful new color version (Blue - dark blue) that syncs with the new Apple Watch this year. Source: North's Globe Concepts.
Up to the present time, Apple has gone through three generations of smartphones using a screen design with large rabbit ears, along with soft curved edges on its smartphone generations, the iPhone X. , iPhone XR / iPhone Xs

Leaks suggest that this year we will see a major design change on the iPhone models. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
The smaller rabbit ears are also partly thanks to the change of the speaker position. Looking at the supposed drawings of this iPhone 12, we will see that the speaker is placed on top like the majority of smartphones today, instead of being placed in the notch as current iPhone models.

Take a look at the leak from the Twitter account @jon_prosser below about the iPhone 12.

The first change comes from the front with a smaller notch than every year with the voice mic brought up above.
The bezels around the screen are also streamlined to achieve a thickness of 1.55 mm instead of 2.52 mm in current iPhone models.

The border around the screen is streamlined very thin, promising to bring a better user experience on the iPhone 12. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
The main highlight of the iPhone 12 is not coming from the front, but from the edges around the device. The edge will have a square and masculine design like on the famous iPhone 4s.

The border around the device will be designed square like the iPhone 4s. (Source: Macrumors)
In my opinion, I prefer the design of the rounded edges around the curved body like on the iPhone 11 models rather than square like this concept. Because with curved edges, it will feel more comfortable to hold, while the square edge is sure to hold.

A unique navy blue color will be available on iPhone 12 this year. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
iPhone 12 is likely to have a new color option called Navy blue. As can be seen in the iPhone 11 line last year, Apple has added a new color option "Midnight green" to create excitement for users, becoming the hottest color and help Apple exceed sales expectations.

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Another rumor says iPhone 12 models could come in light blue, purple, and orange, among other colors.

The iPhone 12 may also be available in a variety of colors. (Source: Internet)
Especially, iPhone 12 will use USB-C port instead of Lighning port like current iPhone generations. Hope this is true for users to more convenient in transferring data, as well as unify the use of the common charging standard among smartphone manufacturers, making it easier for users to use the same charger. If you accidentally leave the charger at home.

The iPhone 12 is expected to use USB-C instead of the current Lighning standard. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
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Source 1: The selling price will 'not increase' compared to the iPhone 11
According to a very quality leak, analyst Ming-chi Kuo (leaked sources, predictions are often accurate), iPhone 12 will be sold with a bare body and no charger included in the box, Despite the fact that the new iPhone models will be equipped with fast charging capabilities with higher capacity than their predecessor iPhone 11. With the omission of the charger + the headset and more likely the charger cord, this move is supposed to help the price. sale of iPhone 12 Series does not increase or increase slightly compared with convenience. Don't forget that the iPhone 12 will almost certainly have 5G to keep up with the times, and this is also the reason why product prices have to rise.

The removal of accessories also makes the box more compact, helping to reduce packaging and shipping costs and at the same time being more environmentally friendly.

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The biggest Apple manufacturer, Foxconn, advises the Apple family to introduce the iPhone 12 during the fall. The Wall Street Journal reported that the release schedule of the iPhone 12 series will be delayed due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The source confirmed that Apple will release the iPhone 12 line in October 2020, one month behind the annual iPhone release schedule.

iPhone 12 will delay the release date like every year and shock price.
When the iPhone 11 series launched last year, Apple surprised users because the iPhone 11 was priced at $ 699, $ 50 cheaper than the iPhone Xr that was introduced in 2018. The trend to lower prices is likely to be. Apple applies again, some well-known technology analysts estimate, Apple will price the iPhone 12 at $ 649 (about more than 15 million), iPhone 12 Pro for $ 999 (more than 23 million) and iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at 1,099 USD (about 25.6 million VND).

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Source 2: Although not included with the charger, the selling price is still 'increased' compared to the iPhone 11
Citing: "Macrumors quotes analyst Jeff Pu forecasts that iPhone 12 prices will start at $ 749 (about 17.2 million), up $ 50 (about 1.1 million) compared to iPhone 11 priced at $ 699 (about 16.1 million). Co). Jeff Pu said the price increase was due to the iPhone 12 adding 5G technology and OLED display, while the iPhone 11 only had an LCD screen. "

Details: Even if Apple didn't bundle a charger and EarPods, the iPhone 12 still costs 1.1 million dong more than the iPhone 11.

How many iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) versions will there be?
Many leaked sources said that this year's iPhone will have 4 versions. IPhone 12 Pro versions will be equipped with 6.1 and 6.7-inch screens, the other two iPhone versions will have 5.4 and 6.1-inch screens and two of them will be named iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) is expected to have many versions with many attractive improvements. (Source: Macrumors)
Apple has worked to make peace with Qualcomm so that iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) can support 5G networks

According to information leaked from @ L0vetodream account, iPhone 12 will be equipped with Apple A14 chip produced on 5 nm process, supporting 5G connectivity.

iPhone 12 will be the first iPhone generation with 5G support, in order to compete with competitors running Android. According to Macrumors, Apple will use 5G modems coming from Qualcomm instead of Intel. In the past, Apple and Qualcomm had been involved in a tough legal battle but found a way to resolve their disagreements in April 2019. Currently, the two companies are working together to bring 5G to iPhone models as quickly as possible.

iPhone 12 will likely be equipped with 5G and the super powerful A14 chip. (Source: Macrumors)
Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis predicts that the iPhone 12 Pro models will have 6 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 will have 4 GB of RAM. In terms of battery, this year's iPhone models will have better battery capacity. Although the battery is predicted to be small and 50% thinner than previous generations.

One more thing you need to know, is that the iPhone 12 series is expected to be equipped with fast charging technology with fast charging speed. I don't know if this information is true or not, but it would be great and good news for iFan if this factor comes to fruition. However, according to the latest leaked information, the iPhone 12 will not have a charger attached to reduce the cost of the product. This is probably one of the things that makes iFan so confused.

iPhone 12 (iPhone 2020) using the same camera sensor with iPad Pro 2020?
The cluster of 3 cameras with LiDAR sensor is the main highlight on the back. According to leaked information, Apple's fourth sensor is a LiDAR sensor like the iPad Pro model that was released not long ago.

Many reports that Apple will equip LiDAR sensor similar to iPad Pro on iPhone 12 Pro models. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
This sensor is used to measure 3D objects that work with the same principles as the ToF camera but with higher accuracy. The sensor emits a low-power laser beam to the environment, and then receives the reflected light back to the hardware for processing. From the received laser beam data, the system will build three-dimensional maps simulating space, objects and people.

LiDAR sensors measure depth of field more precisely than conventional ToF sensors. (Source: EverythingApplePro)
The iPhone 12 Pro models are said to feature variable-sensor interchangeable image stabilization technology, capable of delivering image stabilization to the super wide-angle lens. Sensor-shift technology allows optical image stabilization to be applied to the camera sensor, rather than using individual lenses.

According to UBS analysts, the 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch high-end iPhone models will be equipped with a 3-lens camera and LiDAR sensor, while the other two iPhone models are 5.4 and 6.1-inch iPhone using only dual camera clusters. never mind.

It can be seen, if this year Apple changes the design, uses OLED screens on all product lines as well as refines the size of the notch on the front, equipped with 3D LiDAR sensors. To help remove fonts as well as bring about a better virtual reality experience, the iPhone 12 series is indeed the line of devices that we should expect.

Do you find the iPhone 12 series interesting? Feel free to leave your comments below the comments!

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