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Samsung will likely use Exynos chips worldwide

If the reports published later are true, then maybe Galaxy S21 (S30) next year will use Exynos chip globally and there will be no Snapdragon versions.
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In the past, Samsung has received a lot of criticism for the Galaxy S20 models running the Exynos 990 chip. Accordingly, many people evaluate that the Samsung high-end devices using Exynos chips will not guarantee the power. As the Snapdragon chip it equips specifically for the US, China and South Korean markets.

Although Samsung has never acknowledged the user feedback, the company has also made quiet moves to tweak its own Exynos chip.

In an internal report, Samsung is said to have abandoned the production of custom Mongoose CPUs used for its chips. Instead, the Korean manufacturer will use ARM-designed cores, which will help boost the performance of the chip, at least as much as the Snapdragon 875.

And yet, starting in 2022, Samsung is said to be replacing the Mali GPU with AMD's Radeon GPUs, which greatly enhances the graphics processing capabilities.

Analysts believe the move will help Samsung boost its mobile AP business. The company's next flagship chip appears to be called the Exynos 1000 and the report says it will be sold to other manufacturers as well.

According to the report, Samsung ships around 150-200 million chips a year, and most of them are used for its phones. With its innovative focus on performance, Samsung appears to be looking to grab some share from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm recently raised the price of its chips, which is believed to be the cause of the departure of some of the chipmaker's customers. Future Qualcomm's high-end chip is expected to be even more expensive, which could potentially drive up the cost of Android phones.

Samsung is said to want to take advantage of this opportunity to assert the position of Exynos chips in the market, which can be considered as a reasonable alternative for smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO or vivo.

The increased use of Exynos chips also allows Samsung to reduce the cost of making its smartphones. The most obvious thing is that Samsung is feeling annoyed by the increasing cost of Snapdragon, and Samsung is planning one to reuse the old Snapdragon 865 chip, and the other to use all of its new Exynos chips.

But there is a latest report revealing that, Samsung is planning to limit the focus on the Note or S lines, instead promoting focus on their foldable phones. A source recently reported that the Galaxy S21 will not be powerful enough, which means it will not be equipped with the latest processor next year.

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