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Microchip introduces the Flashtec PCIe 8 Gen 4 Enterprise Class NVMe SSD Controller

Microchip Technology Inc. announces the newest member of its Flashtec product line, the Enterprise Class Flashtec NVMe SSD Controller 3108 PCIe Gen 4. The 8-channel Flashtec NVMe 3108 is the perfect complement to the 16-channel, 16-channel Flashtec NVMe 3016. to a full NVMe SSD PCIe Gen 4 solution to support a comprehensive set of data center storage requirements.

The new Microchip NVMe SSD Flashtec NVMe 3108 PCIe Gen 4 NVMe controller supports a compact SSD with very high power efficiency, performance and reliability while providing row security features. industry leader. Flashtec NVMe 3108 achieves over 1 million IO per second (IOPs) throughput for random workloads and serial bandwidth above 6 Gigabytes per second (Gb / s). It also ensures high-reliability enterprise-level data integrity and critical security features, including Secure Boot using a Lust Maintenance Mechanism. Hardware Root of Trust aims to ensure that data center operators can achieve the highest level of data security possible. Programmable 8-channel flash controllers feature an extremely powerful error-correction engine to ensure future requirements of Triple Level Cell (Triple Level Cell) NAND TLC (Cell) technologies and New generation QLC (Quad Level Cell - Cell) multi-layer.

“The PCIe Gen 4 storage ecosystem is ready for use by data center operators around the world, and we're excited to announce the availability of the new Flashtec NMVe 3108 to support new new products in this area, ”said Andrew Dieckmann, Vice President, Data Center Solutions Business Division of Microchip. “Flashtec NVMe 3108 ensures enterprise-grade performance and reliability in a compact device with low power consumption, providing Flashtec SSD-based solutions optimized for demanding applications. low capacity bridge and compact design with outstanding features in performance and power consumption. ”

The versatility of Flashtec NVMe 3108 lies in a programmable multi-core ARM module, combined with a number of hardware acceleration engines, this solution allows users to optimize SSD solutions for multiple applications. SSDs that support SR-IOV (single root IO virtualization), SSDs that support Zoned Name Space, SSDs Key Value (Object Storage-Type SSDs) as well as SSD Open Channel (OS-Managed SSD Drives) while maintaining the desired performance. In addition, Flashtec NVMe 3108 supports dual port operating modes to ensure high availability of the solution for external storage system applications.

“When Memblaze adopts the PCIe Gen 4 infrastructure, we continue to focus on performance, energy efficiency, and reliability as we upgrade the Pblaze lineup to NAND with multi-layered architecture. more in its entire product portfolio, ”said Taile Zhang, Senior VP of Products and R&D at Memblaze Technologies. “Microchip's innovative Flashtec NVMe 3108 NVMe SSD controller provides a flexible, secure, reliable, and high-performance solution for common applications that are cost- and energy-sensitive with bring products / services to market faster thanks to NVMe SSD NVMe 3016 controller capable of moving firmware and high performance.

Flashtec NVMe 3108 is part of Microchip's complete, comprehensive storage terminal and infrastructure solution suite for PCIe Gen 4, which includes the 16-channel, real-line, Flashtec NVMe SSD NVMe 3016 controller. PCIe Gen 4 Switchtec products, Fabric solutions, as well as storage solutions SmartRAID and three-mode SmartHBA PCIe Gen 4.

In addition to storage solutions, Microchip also provides tools to build data center infrastructure with total system solutions, including memory, timing signal systems and time synchronization, mechanical Independent Secure Boot, firmware and authentication mechanism, wireless products, touch-enabled displays for configuring and monitoring data center devices, controllers Fan controls are predictable.

Development tools

Microchip's Flashtec NVMe 3108 controller offers a selection of hardware and software support, a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes Microchip's reference firmware with optional firmware modules. enhanced, debugging tools, including Microchip's Chiplink diagnostic tools, evaluation boards and reference designs, global support, and a complete documentation.

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