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LEADTEK GDMS: The ultimate solution in managing AI and Big Data projects

AI is growing and has become an indispensable part of the 4th Industrial Revolution today. Large AI projects always need effective resource management ways, smooth processes, and simplified development. A specific solution built by professional AI solution provider Leadtek Research Inc. Supporting companies and research groups in operating and making use of available resources. This system is known as GPU Docker Management System, or GDMS for short.

Leadtek GPU Docker Management System (GDMS) is a Docker-based GPU resource allocation and management software (an open source project that automates the deployment of Linux and Windows applications into virtualized containers). GDMS uses an intuitive user interface for centralized management of AI and Big Data projects, as well as development resources for universities, research organizations, and large corporations.

Combined with Leadtek WinFast GPU servers and workstations, GDMS allows you to maximize resource usage, manage your tasks more efficiently, and reduce total operating costs. All schools, organizations, and corporations will benefit from GDMS in the implementation of the development environment, whether it be an AI development project, AI training course or a hardware acceleration application project. available.

Project resource management
With GDMS's intuitive and simple user interface, even without training in Docker, you can easily start your management tasks, including create, delete, start, or pause. project.

Real-time GPU monitoring
You can instantly view the resource usage status of all managed GPU workstations and servers, including their CPU, system memory, GPU and GPU memory. GDMS helps you to understand the constantly updated status of idle and occupied resources in your GPU system.

Friendly interface
Beautiful, easy to use and monitor, all system parameters are displayed in the form of graphs or messages, maximizing user support in managing and distributing resources.

Get the most out of the GPU
GDMS offers two modes of GPU resource allocation: Shared Mode shares one GPU for multiple users, while Proprietary Mode can allow one user to use multiple GPUs. Two modes allow you to freely configure the hardware resources needed for each AI project.

GDMS helps to save a lot of hardware maintenance costs and power consumption, and also meets the needs of many different projects.

Established since 1986, LEADTEK. is currently NVIDIA's authorized partner for LEADTEK NVIDIA Quadro development and distribution in the Asia-Pacific region.

As one of the world's oldest professional graphics card developers and manufacturers, LEADTEK offers key products including Zero Client & Thin Client for desktop virtualization, graphics cards, servers, Workstations integrated with AI solutions.

LEADTEK is also the only Data Science Workstation supplier in Asia Pacific region certified by NVIDIA.

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