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Huawei is working on an all-screen phone

The Huawei phone has a screen that takes up almost the entire device, the back has a place to place the camera so it cannot be filled in this void.
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Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new designs to enrich their phones over the years. In addition to following the trend of designing folding screen phones, some manufacturers like Xiaomi have created smartphones with screens that occupy almost the entire body quite nicely.

Recently, Huawei also applied for a patent for a phone with a design similar to Xiaomi's Mi MIX Alpha model. Spotted by Letsgodigital, Huawei's phone looks quite similar to the Mate X model, but instead of a foldable phone, it has a surrounding screen that extends from the front. backside.

However, unlike the front, the back of the phone is not completely covered by the screen. The display screen on the back of the battle takes about 60-70% of the space while the rest is the position used to place the three-camera cluster.

Presumably, Huawei's special phone will run HarmonyOS 2.0 and launch next year. Chinese manufacturers can use this phone to impress in the smartphone market and contribute to better promote their own operating system.

However, the patents have not always been implemented into reality. Sometimes it's just an idea and forever in the lab.

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