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Android 11 Go Edition is for devices with 2GB RAM or less

Android 11 Go Edition will improve performance, enhance multitasking capabilities and security capabilities of low-cost phones.
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Just a few days after the announcement of Android 11, Google just announced the addition of Android 11 Go Edition for devices with 2GB RAM or less. The latest version of Android is for entry-level devices but brings new performance, features, and security improvements.

Google says that Android 11 Go Edition will speed up app launch by up to 20% compared to Android 10 Go Edition. Android Go devices will also receive the same security and privacy features as on devices running Android 11, such as only granting access to features such as a one-time camera, microphone, and self-access. dynamic reset for applications that have been previously authorized but have not been used for a while.

The Android 11 Go version is now with gesture navigation, suitable for entry-level phones with large screens like the Redmi 9A with a 6.53-inch display. Another feature is Chats located below the notification drawer. From there, users can manage and reply to messages easily.

Google has raised Android 11 Go support to devices with up to 2GB of RAM compared to the previous 1.5GB limit. The Additional R memory is said to provide up to 900MB of extra storage space for the phone and up to 270MB of additional free storage, meaning you can run multiple apps and games at the same time.

Android 11 Go version will be released to the public next month.

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